Your New Job Description

Great leaders don't worry about being the best. They work at bringing out the best in others.

Most ministry leaders never achieve true success because they don't understand the real definition of what it means to lead. So instead of investing their lives in people, they spend their time inventing programs.

Sound familiar? 

My name is Timothy Eldred. Over the years, I’ve trained thousands of men and women to implement an approach to leadership that guarantees longevity and legacy in ministry.

I’m honored to have set so many leaders up for success. At the same time, I’ve grown weary of leaving audiences wanting more than I can present in seminars and conferences.

After 20+ years of traveling, I’m slowing down to offer an exclusive opportunity for a limited number of leaders who are ready for in-depth training that weekend events can’t provide:

1.  Online Masterclass (3 months)
2. Tiny Conference/Cohort (6 months)
3. Both 1 & 2 plus Private Access (12 months)

Enrollment will open soon but space is limited.